How to get the writing mindset

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Do you sometimes struggle with getting words for your next blog post? How often do you absolutely don’t know what to write staring at your screen?

If you want to improve your own performance, whether you’re a self-employed or not, don’t measure your achievements just by how much money you make. Instead, consider how happy you when you’re working on your next post.

With this 8 ways you will get in the writing mindset by improving your own engagement, creativity, and productivity:

# 1 Have plants on your desk

There’s a surprising evidence how strong connection is between greenery and creativity. For this very reason, I started keeping plants on my desk beginning about a year ago, but I don’t know how to explain the link to creativity. Is it the nurturing the plants require or is it simply their color? Or something else? I don’t know, but they work.

# 2 Turn off your notifications and focus on your writing

It’s not big deal if you don’t know in every second what’s happened in your inbox. Try to check your emails at the beginning of your working day and in the end. If it is necessary it can be often but not 10 times in an hour.

# 3 Quit multitasking

Most of us feel as though can check email and write at the same time. When we’re focused we can accomplish most tasks in a fraction of the time.

# 4 Move more frequently

Many writers and bloggers have such a hard time being productive because they spend way too much time sitting! I solved this problem with changing the places for writing whenever I can. One day I chose to write on my working desk but some other day I work at a local cafe. Sometimes it’s not necessary to leave your house or office trying to find your productivity. Your “new” place can be your living room or the kitchen. And one more thing. Be sure to get plenty of exercise breaks by going for walks, even if only around your office.

# 5 Plan each day the day before

Don’t try to accomplish a million things each day. Limit yourself to no more than five essential tasks. If you can reduce that list to three, so much the better. But plan your list the day before so you’re able to start in the morning.

# 6 Take lunch away from your desk

When I worked in the companies, I usually ate lunch at my desk. Now I understand that was a mistake. Today, I mostly work from home but I eat my lunch in my kitchen. The break from my work is relaxing and encourage me.

# 7 Identify your most productive time

I know I’m the most productive first thing in the morning. For this reason, after checking emails, I reserve my mornings for writing. My afternoons I spend in interviews or meetings with clients or working on other things on my to-do list.

# 8 When your ideas come, you need to catch them!

Have you ever been busy with a task or laying in bed an idea popped into your head? Did you say to yourself “that is such a great idea! I need to do this!” and then carry on with what you were doing only to forget about your idea. This used to happen to me all the time! Believe me, it’s better to write it down.

So, how do you get into the writing mindset?

Marija Trifunovic

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